Vlambeer development explains why the daily necessity of a patch is a modern

Why the need for a patch every day is a modern print this pageEmailVlambeer dev explains

Folk collective lament huge patch will bring a daily wipe unclaimed Sky servers, but the launch of the patch is a side effect of modern video game industry.

According Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail, who in a lengthy blog explained that lead to often for new developers to release the console version considerable launch day patch structure that is.

“When you do a game console, you must implement the system developers and platform owners are dealing with 2016 of these systems is a legacy system, the original system was built without construction, built in legacy systems,” he explains.

“Many of these systems are bulky, complex, sophisticated and truly build a team, the ability to hire more people to read the manual to find out the system. These systems come from the pre-independence era, still some manual pages by mail means copy of the message. ”

These systems Ismail, citing certification (certificate) is one of the biggest obstacles. Unlike the PC, in the studio are left to browse any potential unrest to launch its own, still use the console platform holders, pre-release version of the system in which the game to check the technical capacity.

List of certificate checking is extensive. Does the game crash? Whether it should pull out the controller? Will the UI stay outside ten percent per screen clear? This process is a long and involved in, and release scheduled in advance to ensure that the game reaches its launch date.

“Certification is a big thing. It’s process, but also a lot of things. In most cases, you must fill out a complex form of weird that you submit, then ‘a predetermined groove’ of sorts, or wait until you get a OK Submit your game, “he added. “Since people testing the game is not infinite, when you need to let others know you submit your build. So, you check which date is available, and there is usually a free slot days from today. If your version is not advance that a certain amount of time, you lose the slot, you’ll have to “book” a new one.

“When the groove start your game into the certification, there are a variety of reasons you submit can be denied, in this case, your slot, lost too much. Subsequently, the team began testing, and they the certification report violations to you. If any of them exceeds a certain level, your submission failed, you have to start from scratch, and fill out the form, find a free slot reservation one day or wait until the beginning of certification and submit a new version.

“I want to say is, certification may take a week, and in the worst case, it may take several months. This may delay your game. Finally, though, the game starts check each box Do you have your proverbial “quality seal.” you can launch the game. ”

For larger boxed game time scale, which means that the title must be one and a half and three months ahead of release sent Close certificate between what. One day at a patch, however, can submit just one week ahead of deployment.

“I know, it should be easy to see why a patch every day tend to be huge.” For a game that goes on CD-ROM, in the “gold” Construction, certified by one to three months when the big game is released, ” Ismail explained. “this gives developers two and a half weeks to a month and a half to do three and a half months worth of work to make the game” perfect “, but also hit a patch release date.

“Some people might say, developers, it should make certain the game is perfect, when they submit to the disc, this is not a valid position. This is just an unrealistic position. If you have a month to improve Games, by the certificate, and you thought you would leave these months? Do you think the audience will like a developer just a month doing nothing? it was argued that, when it should be a game “gold” is living in the 20th century 90 years to complete.

“The first day the patch is not necessarily fault the developer or platform side, they care about what they do and that the results of people trying to game the audience is expected to provide their desired date, and everyone involved in the struggle with the cutting-edge technology obsolescence system. everybody trying to own the most difficult. There’s nothing wrong person. developers are not lazy. the platform is not malicious. the first day the patch is just a patch to submit the old system which is difficult to understand. “

MMO defense line will be back on the shelves, ready to “major release”

With local time is unable to obtain a brief period, the US Department of Defense’s MMOFPS 3000AD row now back on the shelves, by steam. Return to the sales come after “a popular request.” Due to the nature of the β phase, where the team “did not do an open public test,” There can not be free to play. Instead, you must be a “starter kit” package are used to pay at least $ 9.99 “tactical progress Kit.” The starter kit provides only the ability to play. The acquisition will be permanent, regardless of whether the final game is free-to-play or not.

Update: Derek Intelligent Self Notify me on Twitter, which is to take place with an upcoming “major release”coincide.Izwix had managed to unhook the kodo, hop on its back, and spur it forward before a spear sailed through the air and knocked him from his perch. The kodo
continued lumbering onward as the quilboar ransacked the cart and disappeared where they had come from, back toward Brambleblade Ravine.

This version will include automotive and aircraft, including the release of multi-unit processes. You need a combat training certificate to access vehicles. If you have one, you can use a delivery platform, instant access to them. Or, you can get a “lock key assets,” so you want your assets, such as vehicles spawn. If the vehicle is not in use for a certain period of time, it will despawn.

This update will also mark the beginning of the asset improvement. I have included an image below modified cockpit of one of the models.The other caravan members dropped one after another, the grass quickly staining
red all around the well.

The new armored warfare developer Q & A covers Teamkilling, physical, More

It has released a new developer of armored warfare Q & A, which covers a lot. From the well-known mark as the clan, such as whether the air strikes would be considered “the highest form of PvE combat the” big detail small detail everything found here.

Izwix sighed. “What did I do to get stuck with these two… eh?” The bushes around the well shivered as he cocked his head. “What was that?”

There are several answers, stand out to me. Teamkilling will be a bannable offensive, entirely in terms of the damage to his teammates in the race-based index. They will not disclose the specific system, but, in order to prevent abuse. Day / night and weather changes PvP map might find their way into the rotation, in the future, based on feedback. Currently, only one layer of one yuan car dealer plans. Physical movement will see changes, but the team is carefully assessed the availability and balanced at the same time, this change will have some limitations.

To see the complete interview, check the link above. The answers to these questions are quite interesting, and to where the team is going to go with the game obsidian in the future clearer picture.

Plarium partners with Alien and Predator warrior, company

Plarium leading social and mobile game developers have more than 150 million users, today announced the right to cooperate with Twentieth Century Fox to their privileges Alien vs. Predator (AVP) – his two iconic large cross – foreigners (1979) and Predator (1987). The partnership will be converted by the themes and experiences AVP for Plarium hit Facebook game, soldiers, company

Launched in August 2013, the military, the company has created one by Facebook “Best New Year game,” Plarium and has been one of the most popular games total of 850,000 players. Policy setting massively multiplayer online (MMO) game in 2019 Zandia fictional territory in which foreign powers, transnational corporations and underground criminal organizations are striving to find rare minerals in hunger and consuming states.

“Soldiers, Inc. Has a thrilling, a perfect mixture of fascinating game is the perfect step with the Alien vs. Predator franchise,” said Mike Doyle, vice president of interactive games Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. “We look forward to fans in immersive game experience, combined with the team’s high-octane excitement and take it to another level of ability.”

Requiem (2007): In the two films, Aliens vs. Predator (2004) and Alien vs Predator Alien vs Predator film franchise exists. The soldiers AVP activities, the company will fully express, and from the original game, players must investigate unidentified temple before and thermonuclear explosion completely independent asset extraction experience. Features will include multitasking story arc, a series of global tasks, quests, special incentives units, can collect game items and promotion around the theme of “Alien vs. Predator” experience.

“Plarium very excited to be partnering with Twentieth Century Fox, will such an iconic social game franchise,” Leonard says Frankel, director of business development Plarium. “Imagine this exciting partnership is consistent with the overall Plarium per minute by increasing the players with us to bring the most compelling experience to our audience.”

World warships set September 17 invasion of the high seas

War Games told the players to prepare their much-anticipated battle position as the world will soon launch a battleship in our developer tag on September 17 as the official start of the day. Leadership in World War II tank battle simulator and responsible world, and conquered SIM dog fighting and fighters in the world, the war games are set up and ready to dominate the high seas and the release of warships in the world. Exciting strategic naval combat will see players set sail four categories of ships, it is a huge selection of accurate historical ships and endless tactics with fast-paced combat deployment study.

“Based on the success of our open test and warships in the world, the war game is preparing to launch our next big game. Has 2 million participants and ordinary players spend three hours of competition each day, we have a captain prepared to take the final naval battle game at the helm of the fleet. ”
Fred Menou, global publishing leader, war games
Take one of the players on September 17 will have the opportunity to choose a different take on the high seas vessels four categories. History buffs will be happy to see the historically accurate ships huge arsenal of weapons, such as the legendary battleship Yamato iconic aircraft carrier Midway.

Guild Wars 2 are welcome free-to-play transition

He rushed forward, grasping Viryx by her sun-sage raiment before she could draw her dagger. “Terokk. The ancient king. It is lies… all lies. What he was. What he did. What the curse is.”

Guild Wars 2 has become the latest of a long line of high-end MMO to make the transition to free-to-play online games community is being invited to dive, enjoy fighting immersive experience 2 completely free. The message is the future of high-profile extended version of the game content updates debut, heart thorns, although the expansion pack will still cost $ 50 premium.

While this can sometimes lead to the payment of social feel sour developers are working to ensure that subscribers receive fair treatment. Players will create free slots are limited in the role, will not use as many bags as paying players. There are also restrictions placed on a particular area of the talks, thus starting the account will not be allowed in the area at a higher level, until it reaches a specific level requirements. This should reduce the field to a higher level of any potential gold spam problem.

Asta coming to webzen later this year

Webzen have announced that the mmorpg “asta”, developed by polygon games, will be available on webzen.com later this year. Webzen recently signed their latest partnership with developer polygon games in order to bring the asian fantasy mmorpg asta to western players through their global gaming portal.

It was just the sort of notion that would appeal to Renly Baratheon; a splendid new order of knighthood, with gorgeous new raiment to proclaim it. Even as a boy, Renly had loved bright colors and rich fabrics, and he had loved his games as well. Look at me! he would shout as he ran laughing through the halls of Storm’s End. Look at me, I’m a dragon, or Look at.

Asta – the war of tears and winds is a lively mmorpg featuring a rich world inspired by asian culture, and offers a unique element of asian fantasy along with vibrantly coloured graphics. Asta will offer players a variety of options for races, classes and characters, along with classic mmo features like pvp battlegrounds and guild battles, a broad crafting system, scenarios and quests with rich lore, a player-driven economy and rewarding dungeons.

In line with the ‘asian fantasy’ theme, asta also features a moving soundtrack. This will incorporate a harmony of eastern and western instruments, composed by ‘yang bang-ean’, a world-famous composer responsible for the soundtrack of the game ‘aion’.

Richard sunmyoung moon, head of global business at webzen, states: “we are very pleased to bring this new game to mmo enthusiasts in the west through our webzen.com portal. Having years of service experience with free-to-play mmo games, we will work along with the developer to continuously localise and develop the game for the western market. We will announce a schedule for the title soon, and reveal more details regarding the lore and the game systems, as well as some truly stunning in-game assets.”

More information on asta will be announced on the official webzen website.

CROWFALL answer community questions, development

Crowfall few players got what will be their first taste, which is a good thing. As a result, players can ask two related skills how to play, and ask more questions. Question and Answer reflect the latest developments, there are several issues, the ability to prototype around the center, and like being able to modify the server ruleset big ideas.

If you want to know why these three prototypes in hunger Dome is repentance, knights and Centaur, for example, which for many reasons – Centaur is very iconic, Knight is the most basic kind, repentance wheel prototype simultaneously also allows another game style. There are discussions on the use of air power and general game modification (if successful post-program started). Watch the video below full set only answer.

Shireen and Patchface followed them out, but the child soon grew restless with the old man’s creeping pace and dashed
ahead, the fool lurching after her with his cowbells clanging madly.

Nexon’s Q2 Earnings Published, Year-Over-Year Increase

Earnings for Nexon’s second quarter, which ended on June 30th, have been published. The highlights of this quarter include a 42.7 billion yen increase in revenues, bringing them to a 16% increase year-over-year, a 10.2 billion yen increase in mobile revenues, a 32.5 billion yen increase in “PC online game revenues,” and an 11.3 billion yen increase in operating income, due largely in part to Dungeon and Fighter’s performance in China. Net income is 13.0 billion yen, which is said to be up 3.2 times year-over-year. This outperformed their expectations and was attributed to foreign exchange gains and low tax expenses.

Other highlights of the report include the fact Dungeon and Fighter and Sudden Attack contributed largely to the increase in revenue in Korea, whereas mobile games like DomiNations saw increases in North America. It is noted that an increase in marketing expense following the launch in North America contributed to an overall loss for the region. President and CEO of Nexon Owen Mahoney also boasts a “strengthened […] relationship with Electronic Arts through PC online games Need for Speed Edge and Titanfall,” claiming that “Nexon is the partner of choice for developers seeking free-to-play expertise and an online publishing platform around the world.”

Following revenues this quarter largely exceeding expectations, Nexon expect third quarter revenues to be in the range of 46.3-49.7 billion yen, with net income in the range of 12.9-15.3 billion yen.


Everspace is a rogue-like space shooter coming to Kickstarter

The space combat genre is having a revival at the moment and there’s a new title on the way from German indie developer Rockfish called Everspace.

Described as a having a unique non-linear story, Everspace is a rogue-like space action game at its core. Players will find themselves waking up on a battleship somewhere in the galaxy and are given a “mysterious command” to head to a specific location. As the adventure progresses player will need to discover the origins of their existence while taking on hostile forces in space comabt. Meanwhile in order to survive there will be the opportunity to gather fuel and raw materials to carry out ship upgrades. This will also not be your typical rogue-like experience, death does not mean your out the game. Instead it sounds like some of the upgrades will will stay intact.

“With Everspace, we want to build on our successes with the Galaxy on Fire series and let our 30 million GOF fans experience an even more intense, action-packed outer space adventure with a really exciting story,” says Michael Schade, founder and CEO of Rockfsh Games. “We consciously chose the PC as a platform, because there we can get the highest computing power for absolutely fantastic graphics and outstanding sound. For another thing, we are relying on players who are ready to pay once for high quality and then be able to play endlessly and that business model simply works best on Steam.”

Rockfish are taking Everspace to Kickstarter to raise funds to finish the game on 6 August and all backers will also gain beta access prior to the game’s launch. A website has launched in preparation for further updates.