Vlambeer development explains why the daily necessity of a patch is a modern

Why the need for a patch every day is a modern print this pageEmailVlambeer dev explains

Folk collective lament huge patch will bring a daily wipe unclaimed Sky servers, but the launch of the patch is a side effect of modern video game industry.

According Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail, who in a lengthy blog explained that lead to often for new developers to release the console version considerable launch day patch structure that is.

“When you do a game console, you must implement the system developers and platform owners are dealing with 2016 of these systems is a legacy system, the original system was built without construction, built in legacy systems,” he explains.

“Many of these systems are bulky, complex, sophisticated and truly build a team, the ability to hire more people to read the manual to find out the system. These systems come from the pre-independence era, still some manual pages by mail means copy of the message. ”

These systems Ismail, citing certification (certificate) is one of the biggest obstacles. Unlike the PC, in the studio are left to browse any potential unrest to launch its own, still use the console platform holders, pre-release version of the system in which the game to check the technical capacity.

List of certificate checking is extensive. Does the game crash? Whether it should pull out the controller? Will the UI stay outside ten percent per screen clear? This process is a long and involved in, and release scheduled in advance to ensure that the game reaches its launch date.

“Certification is a big thing. It’s process, but also a lot of things. In most cases, you must fill out a complex form of weird that you submit, then ‘a predetermined groove’ of sorts, or wait until you get a OK Submit your game, “he added. “Since people testing the game is not infinite, when you need to let others know you submit your build. So, you check which date is available, and there is usually a free slot days from today. If your version is not advance that a certain amount of time, you lose the slot, you’ll have to “book” a new one.

“When the groove start your game into the certification, there are a variety of reasons you submit can be denied, in this case, your slot, lost too much. Subsequently, the team began testing, and they the certification report violations to you. If any of them exceeds a certain level, your submission failed, you have to start from scratch, and fill out the form, find a free slot reservation one day or wait until the beginning of certification and submit a new version.

“I want to say is, certification may take a week, and in the worst case, it may take several months. This may delay your game. Finally, though, the game starts check each box Do you have your proverbial “quality seal.” you can launch the game. ”

For larger boxed game time scale, which means that the title must be one and a half and three months ahead of release sent Close certificate between what. One day at a patch, however, can submit just one week ahead of deployment.

“I know, it should be easy to see why a patch every day tend to be huge.” For a game that goes on CD-ROM, in the “gold” Construction, certified by one to three months when the big game is released, ” Ismail explained. “this gives developers two and a half weeks to a month and a half to do three and a half months worth of work to make the game” perfect “, but also hit a patch release date.

“Some people might say, developers, it should make certain the game is perfect, when they submit to the disc, this is not a valid position. This is just an unrealistic position. If you have a month to improve Games, by the certificate, and you thought you would leave these months? Do you think the audience will like a developer just a month doing nothing? it was argued that, when it should be a game “gold” is living in the 20th century 90 years to complete.

“The first day the patch is not necessarily fault the developer or platform side, they care about what they do and that the results of people trying to game the audience is expected to provide their desired date, and everyone involved in the struggle with the cutting-edge technology obsolescence system. everybody trying to own the most difficult. There’s nothing wrong person. developers are not lazy. the platform is not malicious. the first day the patch is just a patch to submit the old system which is difficult to understand. “

World warships set September 17 invasion of the high seas

War Games told the players to prepare their much-anticipated battle position as the world will soon launch a battleship in our developer tag on September 17 as the official start of the day. Leadership in World War II tank battle simulator and responsible world, and conquered SIM dog fighting and fighters in the world, the war games are set up and ready to dominate the high seas and the release of warships in the world. Exciting strategic naval combat will see players set sail four categories of ships, it is a huge selection of accurate historical ships and endless tactics with fast-paced combat deployment study.

“Based on the success of our open test and warships in the world, the war game is preparing to launch our next big game. Has 2 million participants and ordinary players spend three hours of competition each day, we have a captain prepared to take the final naval battle game at the helm of the fleet. ”
Fred Menou, global publishing leader, war games
Take one of the players on September 17 will have the opportunity to choose a different take on the high seas vessels four categories. History buffs will be happy to see the historically accurate ships huge arsenal of weapons, such as the legendary battleship Yamato iconic aircraft carrier Midway.

Guild Wars 2 are welcome free-to-play transition

He rushed forward, grasping Viryx by her sun-sage raiment before she could draw her dagger. “Terokk. The ancient king. It is lies… all lies. What he was. What he did. What the curse is.”

Guild Wars 2 has become the latest of a long line of high-end MMO to make the transition to free-to-play online games community is being invited to dive, enjoy fighting immersive experience 2 completely free. The message is the future of high-profile extended version of the game content updates debut, heart thorns, although the expansion pack will still cost $ 50 premium.

While this can sometimes lead to the payment of social feel sour developers are working to ensure that subscribers receive fair treatment. Players will create free slots are limited in the role, will not use as many bags as paying players. There are also restrictions placed on a particular area of the talks, thus starting the account will not be allowed in the area at a higher level, until it reaches a specific level requirements. This should reduce the field to a higher level of any potential gold spam problem.

CROWFALL answer community questions, development

Crowfall few players got what will be their first taste, which is a good thing. As a result, players can ask two related skills how to play, and ask more questions. Question and Answer reflect the latest developments, there are several issues, the ability to prototype around the center, and like being able to modify the server ruleset big ideas.

If you want to know why these three prototypes in hunger Dome is repentance, knights and Centaur, for example, which for many reasons – Centaur is very iconic, Knight is the most basic kind, repentance wheel prototype simultaneously also allows another game style. There are discussions on the use of air power and general game modification (if successful post-program started). Watch the video below full set only answer.

Shireen and Patchface followed them out, but the child soon grew restless with the old man’s creeping pace and dashed
ahead, the fool lurching after her with his cowbells clanging madly.



After almost three years I bid farewell to my old blogger blog, known as Raging Monkeys (sometimes with apostrophe, sometimes not) and am very happy to welcome you to my brand new wordpress site: MMO Gypsy!
When google announced the death of google reader that was the final push for me to turn my back on blogger whose continued existence is now doubtful at best. I’ve always toyed with the idea of moving to wordpress but platform switches being such stressful undertakings, I resisted. So, I guess this is where I give thanks to google for ever treating blogger as their bastard child.

That said, moving blogs cross-platform was as rocky as expected; much reading, eyebrow raising and hair tearing has gone before this very first post on wordpress. Coming from blogger with all its installed conveniences and simple stylesheet, learning how to navigate WP’s plugins structure, editing themes and setting up a self-hosted domain are a challenge. That last part was easiest thanks to some friendly support, but I am still working my way through finish issues concerning permalinks switches, feed redirection, google’s SEO et cetera. Oh boy.

I am very happy that the move to WP also marks the beginning of finally hosting my own blog (as blog content ownership is shady at best at blogger) and loosing the baggage of Raging Monkeys. It is always weird to be the only person blogging from a ‘plural blog name’, frequently being referred to as ‘they/them’. Somewhere along the lines I gave using an apostrophe a shot which only created more confusion on people’s blogrolls, either linking to Raging Monkeys or Monkey’s. Yeah, that worked well. I haven’t felt attachment to my old blog’s title for a long time now and after having had friends ask me what was apish or angry about my blog, I had to agree that it neither really fit my personality nor writing style. It was fun for a few months before blogger hindsight struck me. Alas, Raging Monkeys was my home for a long time and I’ll always treasure it for all the enjoyment blogging in the MMO sphere and interacting with my commenters has brought me.

I’ve chosen MMO Gypsy as my new alias. I feel it’s a fitting description of my many travels through online worlds that started over a decade ago. I know I will be attached to this wonderful genre for much longer. There is also a more personal identification with the literal gypsy as I partly share origins with some of that wandering folk. This is something I only recently discovered, so I take it as a good omen towards the new name choice.

About the old feed and blogroll issues

Due to both permalink reasons and google punishing duplicate content, the old blog is not accessible anymore but redirects to the new domain. However, as you can see I managed to fully import all my past articles and all your old comments to MMO Gypsy! This was the most important part for me and luckily it all went smoothly. I am glad that from now on there will be more and better options for commenting.

As I intend to keep my old feedburner feed, no changes have gone into the site’s feed; if you subscribed to my old blog before, you should now automatically get the new updates from MMO Gypsy. I have installed a feed-redirection in WP on behalf of new joiners (unfortunately WP automatically generates its own feed and won’t let you delete/replace it) and sincerely hope that’s working reliably to direct them to my old feed to avoid multiple feeds. Please let me know if this appears not to be the case!

To those of you who have Raging Monkeys on their blogroll: I’m afraid this will have to be updated manually by yourself as the old blogger link will not update any longer or reliably (and certainly not update the blog title). Thanks!

With that, I hope to have sorted the most important aspects of the move. As you can see the new blog is not entirely finished yet and I have few qualms to sort out on the sidebar and plugins to find to replace blogger’s inbuilt functionality for mobile view or statistics. Many thanks for letting me know if you detect an error or loading issues anywhere!

A look ahead and thank you

So much novelty did of course beg for a brand new look, too. I’ve been a white, minimalist theme blogger forever and while I loved Raging Monkeys final look (and have kept its overall layout and font styles), I’ve been wanting to go more ‘gamey’ and cheerful for a while. I hope all you non-feed readers like the new look – after much fixing I am quite happy with it now!

All that said, from here on MMO Gypsy is resuming all business and tomfoolery as usual. While names may have changed, I remain yours truly Syl, host of this not-so-serious but always sincere MMO and RPG blog – looking forward to many adventures to come, interesting discussions and great laughs with the community.

I do also want to take this opportunity to thank all my faithful readers and commenters, those who have stuck with Raging Monkeys for so long and those who have only discovered it more recently. You’re what’s making blogging this fantastic and worthwhile experience to me and all the merry chats, insightful debates and exchanges we’ve had over the years are what I will always cherish and welcome, also on this new blog. I look forward to seeing you back here! A very warm welcome to MMO Gypsy!

Global Chat: Can MMO stories rise above mediocrity?

Players have long debated the importance, relevance, and quality of stories in MMOs. Some have called for an abolishment of dev-driven narrative entirely, some enjoy what’s there, and some have pressed for better writing and storytelling techniques. This week we’ll hear from one blogger who is struggling with “mediocre” stories in MMOs and what might be done with them.

But wait, that’s not all! We’ll also hear from writers about MMO inventory systems, aging games, and how pretty much nobody in the world was shocked when Elder Scrolls Online ditched its sub.
Inventory Full: Yak’s Bend

It’s not all roses and finisher fun in Guild Wars 2’s WvW these days, as Bhagpuss reports: “Considering ANet appear to do virtually nothing to police behavior in WvW and, especially, that they’ve been leaving gaping holes wide open for exploits for years, it’s perhaps surprising that most matches don’t already degenerate into a seething melange of siege trolls, zoom hackers, spies, and saboteurs. By and large, though, players have policed themselves reasonably well. Not any more.”

Clean Casuals: MMOs & Story: Accepting mediocrity

In which Aywren asks the crucial question, “If we choose not to expect anything from the story in a game, if we remain content with what we’re given, then why should the writers/developers ever need to strive for better quality writing in MMOs?”

MMO Juggler: LotRO hatred?

Does this Middle-earth MMO really deserve some of the scorn heaped on it these days? One blogger argues that it actually deserves respect: “Besides, LotRO isn’t exactly the poster child of F2P misery when it is approaching five years as an F2P title –- outlasting the entire existence of WAR, for example.”
ECTmmo.com: Allods Online, a pleasant return

Here’s one game that you haven’t heard much about recently, and according to Kaozz, it’s worth checking out again: “For now it is simply fun to quest and level. It reminds me much of those simpler times in WoW, back in the old days. Where classes felt different and unique. Where going out in the world felt like a real adventure.”

Killed in a Smiling Accident: Gamers shocked as Elder Scrolls Online drops subscriptions

I got a huge laugh out of this post: “When The Elder Scrolls Online launched in 2014 the subscription model for MMORPGs was completely normal, every single other MMORPG requiring the purchase of a box then payment of a monthly subscription except for 99.487% of them.”

Weekly Wizardry: Inventory systems as game features

When’s the last time you really considered your inventory as a key MMO feature? Right now: “It may seem like a boring subject, a tiny little thing beside the things we tend to see as more important, such as combat. But overlooking it is not justified, for how the inventory is handled in a game affects all of it’s players, raider and playerkiller, crafter, and warrior alike.”

Null Signifier: Adrift in ArcheAge

Here’s a nailbiting account of a sea voyage that illustrates how treacherous such trips can be in this sandbox: “The first few minutes were nerve-wracking to say the least, but nerves soon gave way to exhilaration. The sea is beautiful, perilous, and alive — sea gulls circle above the waves, and sharks and other sea monsters lurk beneath.”

Global Chat: Why we blog

Why an MMO player decides that he or she needs to take up an additional hobby of writing about these games isn’t much of a mystery. We may all blog about a huge variety of topics, but the impetus behind it tends to be very common: We have so many thoughts about and so much love for these games that we can’t hold it in.

To blog is to open up and share experiences, observations, and hopes. It’s to connect with others and to perhaps give another layer of meaning to the time that we spend in-game. We don’t blog because we have to; we blog because we simply could not not blog.

So let’s see a few examples of what MMO bloggers couldn’t keep inside of them! From spooky stories to rapturous tales of exploration, it’s a testament to the power of words and goofy rejoinders.
1. Superior Realities: TSW Halloween 2014

Tyler has plenty of good things to say about the recent Halloween event in The Secret World, including praise for the scare factor of The Broadcast mission and how tradable event rewards was a brilliant social move on behalf of the devs. However, he is less than thrilled with the massive delay that threatened to postpone the in-game festivities until after the real-world holiday.

“A holiday being delayed this much just strains my patience past its limit,” he writes. “You can’t put back the real-world holiday, so delaying the in-game holiday just gets messy. A Halloween event that mostly takes place in November is no more acceptable than a Christmas event in January would be.”

2. MMO Juggler: WoW 30 levels

I can admit to a guilty pleasure in reading “return” posts from bloggers as they revisit old favorite games. It’s usually enjoyable to see a player reconnect with an old flame, but in the case of MMO Juggler, his return to World of Warcraft prompted a lot of negative remarks.

“I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been cut off trying to get to a quest objective by another player using a ranged attack to tag a mob before I can get there. Or resource node. Blizzard, play some GW2 and advance your quest design by 10 years.”
3. Inventory Full: Zing! went the strings of my explorer’s heart

Bhagpuss is completely enamoured with ArcheAge for its virtual world, which he says hits all of the triggers of his explorer-happy heart and then some.

“It’s perfect,” he gushes. “Most of the time when I go exploring the reward is just as it should be — satisfied curiosity, occasional adventure, incidental terror. Props to Two Crowns for having a proper sewer system. That was a scary half-hour in the dank dark. Now and again, however, often when I do something a little out of the ordinary, like riding my horse up the side of a carnival marquee, I’ll hit one of those disconnected triggers and… zing!”

4. Spinksville: Your learning needs are not my problem

Spinks takes an article to examine how MMOs attempt — and typically fail — to teach players complicated fights to perform in groups. It’s stressful, she says, and most players don’t even come close to understanding the mechanics of the entire fight anyway.

“People are lazy. Only raid leaders are really motivated to fully understand fights. A lot of players are happy to just be told what to do. None of this is surprising. I also think it is most fun to learn a fight in a group of similarly skilled players who are also friends who are learning together; it’s harder than ever to get this type of group together except at the beginning of new content,” she observes.
5. Pleasant Gamer: Diving into RIFT

Expansions are usually great at sucking back in lapsed veterans, and Zyngor was no different when RIFT: Nightmare Tide put out the call to return. He blogged his first few days back in the game checking out the new content, including the minion system, the water plane zones, and the nightmare rifts.

“Overall, my limited time with the latest expansion has been a pretty good time. I have not really gotten far enough to give a better opinion, but first looks are leaning on the positive side of the board,” Zyngor sums up.

6. MMO Gypsy: Of unexpected turns and raiding pains

Syl is quitting the WildStar raiding scene, but not for the reason you might expect. She wrote a post on how the game was starting to cause returning symptoms of old back pains caused by previous marathon raiding sessions.

“I remember a time when my youth would cradle me in blissful ignorance of such concerns, yet after I had turned 28 years old with five years of WoW raiding (12 hours a week on average) on my literal back, the physical reality of my hobby caught up with me,” Syl said. “I’ve always had issues with my neck, but from that point in time my back pains took a life of their own and spread to the rest of my body in one neurological fun fest.”


Hellraid delayed, and now being re-made


If you’ve been wondering what’s going on with Techland’s first-person skeleton thrashing fantasy title, Hellraid, the answer is something along the lines of them not being happy with it.

A statement on the game’s website from the developers says that “Hellraid, in its current shape and form, is not meeting our own expectations for this project.” That could mean a lot of things, from “we’ve got something here, it’s just not quite right” to “oh god … it’s all shit … oh god,” but the immediate result is that Hellraid won’t be appearing this year.

In fact it could be some time, because Techland say they’ve sent the game back to the infamous “drawing board” in order to “invent our dark fantasy title anew.”

While they do that, they will, at the same time, be concentrating on “further expansion of the Dying Light franchise.” That probably makes a lot of sense from a financial point of view, since there’s every indication Dying Light did rather well in the sales department.

Runescape Return Weaponless Spellcasting


Well, this is the suggestion from a Runescape 07 Gold player, return the weaponless spellcasting. Many of the players may complain about this for many times since the Evolution of combat players can no longer cast magic with their hands. That really came in handy at certain times. Honestly, your magical damage and accuracy should only be determined by your skill and spell, where ranged accuracy should be determined by a mix of both your weapon, and your damage is solely determined by your ammo.

Melee should balance their damage and accuracy with skill. So while weapons are important for meleers, a higher skill level works wonders. I bet most of you are thinking that if hand magic returns, magic weapons will inevitably fall. I assure you that my intention is to merely repurpose them to be magic accessories, each with unique roles. Staves should become 1-handed again, provide less accuracy as the majority of your accuracy will come from what spell you’re using, and your skill, and you should be able to be enchanted with casts of a spell, depending on the staff. Books will now contain runic text written by runecrafters and that text will contain an enchantment that only a mage with a particular merit can express.

As a result, a book will give a unique effect to certain spells it effects. Wands will give even less accuracy than a staff would, but most will have a built in spell the wielder can only use while using that wand. The spell will do the damage of the wand’s level, so a bat wand’s built in spell will do level 50 damage, orbs will have the exact same spell built in. Hand magic can be cast either 1-handed, dual wielded, or 2-handed, depending on the player’s preference. The player just needs to go to the spell, and assign it a hand. There will also be an option to use both hands to cast it. To be continued…Do you agree with that? If you want to know more, you can log in to the Runelabs.

A toxic Player League of Legends II

Hey friends, Glad to see you here again, tell you a good news, now Buy RS Gold is cheaper than yesterday, now let’s reading the deail of this topic: Among the affliction afflicted victims he is a boyish Arizona banned several times to acquire acquaintance with the accused, who did not know. Finally, on September 16, 2014, he alleged the badge and accused the youngest of accepting attempt his parents with an AR-15 rifle. He aswell said that threatened to actuate several pumps if the badge approached. A few canicule later, he again the process, but this time accusing their parents. The account of attacks continues, with abounding accompanying messages, advertisement of abstracts on their acclaim cards, hacking their profiles on amusing networks, etc.

The accused was even do a reside advertisement eight hours that showed how altered players attacked the League of Legends, aggressive and axis to ‘swatting’. Viewers alleged the police, acknowledgment to which the arrest was provided teenager. After getting arrested, the accused accepted committing all these attacks, and abounding added aural the aforementioned modus operandi. Among them, for example, he alleged alert to acquaint that a bomb was on a rollercoaster of Disneyland. Judge Patricia Janzen, caseworker, has ordered a cerebral appraisal is agitated adolescent, authoritative him I was captivated for 169 days. On June 29, the final adjudication will be issued adjoin the accused.

Unfortunately, this case as asymmetric is not alone. In communities bold charcoal abhorrent users affianced in demolition added players of the affliction accessible ways. We have, for example, the case of Joshua Peters, a adept of the US Air Force and able amateur Clash of Clans: Runescape, who suffered ‘swatting’ in foreground of 60,000 assemblage during a retransmission of Twitch. A bearings that has been again endless times, affecting tens of streamers. Fortunately, studies and companies that actualize amateur or platforms area ample communities of admirers are generated are added acquainted about this situation, arty measures to added calmly ascertain adverse players and users and get as bound banearlos possible. So we can abandoned achievement that anytime these abject behaviors abandon completely. Hope can see you in 4rsgold.com next article, coz we always give big surprise to all friends.